The Benefits of Snap-On Cubicle Curtains

The Benefits of Snap-On Cubicle Curtains

Posted by Imperial Privacy Systems

Cubicle curtains offer hospitals a great deal of value and flexibility in terms of managing the patient environment, however these beneficial products can often become a headache for healthcare workers if hospital management has not implemented a structured maintenance program. While Imperial Privacy Systems offers full-service cubicle curtain management and compliance services, we also manufacture products that help reduce the amount of time and expense required to maintain cubicle curtains.

One of the most effective methods for reducing cubicle curtain maintenance times is to address the removal and re-install process. In order to expedite this process, Imperial Privacy Systems developed a system of modular snap-on cubicle curtain panels. Snap-on curtain panels can be changed quickly and easily. With a standard 68" panel size, facilities managers can standardize a "one size fits all" curtain to ensure fresh, clean curtains are always in-stock and available throughout the facility. The curtains can be quickly and easily changed by simply un-snapping the buttons along the bottom of the mesh and removing the curtain for laundering. The mesh and cubicle track stay in-place and a new panel is snapped to the mesh when ready.

Snap-on curtains are available in a variety of designer fabrics from Maharam, Arc-com, Knoll, Momentum, and many more.

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